Connected Consumer Series

Building Customer Success With Enhanced Employee Engagement

Successful retailers recognize that their front-line employees are much more than just shelf-stockers and cashiers: they are absolutely critical to creating the kind of unique, memorable customer experiences that differentiate a retail brand. Unless their employees feel that they are an engaged, vital part of the shopping experience, retailers are finding that it’s nearly impossible for them to execute on customer experience (CX) initiatives.

By tapping into the Voice of the Employee (VoE) — which involves collecting, managing and acting on employee feedback — and by linking it to Voice of the Customer (VoC) programs, retailers can get the data they need to enhance employee engagement. And with Millennials and Gen Z employees entering the workforce, their desire for finding connection and purpose at their jobs increases the necessity and value of such programs.

This Retail TouchPoints Connected Consumer Series webinar, sponsored by Medallia, will use real-world retailer examples to explore how VoE and VoC can be successfully linked, and how retailers can use the data and insights generated by these communication initiatives to build employee engagement, enhance the customer experience and boost the bottom line. Additionally, attendees will learn what’s needed to establish a VoE program; what to look for in a partner; and how best to use the information that the program generates to achieve desired business results.

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