Connected Consumer Series

Delivering On The Promise Of BOPIS…And Other Omnichannel Realities



Antony Karabus

HRC Retail Advisory


Kevin Stadler

4R Systems


Adam Blair

Retail TouchPoints


Tuesday, April 2 • 12 PM ET

Connected consumers are expecting and even demanding flexible order and pick up options. And while research shows a large number of retailers are expanding their offerings for BOPIS and other fulfillment options, most brands are struggling with actually executing on delivering a shared cart across channels. 

Recent research shows 66% of retailers said that inventory inaccuracies made their BOPIS (buy online/pick up in-store) service offerings inconsistent.

This session, sponsored by 4R Systems, will offer a deep dive into why retailers are struggling to align the data and insights they need to provide a seamless omnichannel inventory offering. It will also provide a use case example of how a top brand is using machine learning and AI to know what, when and where each SKU should be in the retail chain and optimize omnichannel inventory.

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