Connected Consumer Series

Learn How Top Retailers Are Winning The Last Mile With Delivery Experience Management

The last mile has become a customer experience battleground for retailers, but it’s one that brands can win. While Amazon has raised consumer expectations around delivery speed, what shoppers really want are delivery options tailored to their needs — including self-service options; visibility into where and how their delivery will arrive; and no-hassle resolution when issues do occur. Retailers that focus on last-mile improvements reap benefits such as higher NPS scores, increased AOV and greater customer loyalty.

In this Connected Consumer Series webinar from Retail TouchPoints, sponsored by Convey, attendees will learn how Delivery Experience Management (DEM) provides the single source of last-mile data and tools needed so that retailers can actively manage deliveries efficiently, at scale. Nearly 12% of all shipments encounter some kind of issue, from delays to damaged packages — retailers can either head off problems before they occur, or quickly resolve them to the customer’s satisfaction. With DEM, retailers can ensure customers get their orders how and when they expect, taking intelligent action to correct issues along the way and uphold brand promises.

DEM best practices from retailers including Grove Collaborative, Uncommon Goods and Neiman Marcus will illustrate how retailers can proactively turn around negative shipping experiences, and often avoid them altogether. Expert commentary from a leading industry analyst will identify key last mile challenges and reveal what retailers can do to address them, resulting in efficient transportation, top line growth, and happier customers.

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