Connected Consumer Series

The Store is Media: Reengineering Frontline Teams for the New Age of Retail



Doug Stephens

Retail Prophet


Andrew Gaffney

Retail TouchPoints


Tuesday, April 2 • 3 PM ET

The physical store is by far the most powerful media channel your brand has – a living, breathing, experiential story about your brand, your values and the things you sell. The new role of stores is not simply to distribute products, but to distribute remarkable and memorable experiences. The question is, who are the people entrusted with bringing your brand story to life? What cultural onboarding, training, skills and tools do your frontline staff need in order to be your stand-out storytellers – the trusted voice and face of your brand.

Join us on April 2 to learn how pioneering brands are reengineering their frontline teams for the new age of retail where the customer is king and experience is everything.

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