Retail Strategy & Planning Series

Consumer Survey Results: Understanding The Omnichannel Shopping Experience



This session will present brand new consumer benchmark research, the third wave of understanding how consumers shop, their preferences and where retailers need to step up their game in order to meet the needs of today’s consumers. The survey of 2,000 qualified shoppers provides insight into the continued growth of online shopping and a considerable rise in omnichannel actions for most major product categories. For all product categories, omnichannel is strong, and there is a blurring of the lines, as much of the product researching and purchasing happens both online and in-store.

The session will also present prescriptive suggestions on how retail brands can address online and offline shopping behaviors based on these research findings. Key takeaways will include:

  • Pre-booking appointments with experts on the store staff, particularly for high consideration or luxury purchases; and
  • In-store events, such as early access to products, demonstrations, DIY workshops and influential speakers



John Federman



Andrew Gaffney

Retail TouchPoints


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