Retail Strategy & Planning Series

Good, Bad, Ugly: Pivot To Customer Optimizes The Omnichannel CX



On average, omnichannel consumers spend 2x what the traditional single channel customer spends, annually. Omnichannel retail is table stakes but prioritizing the 64 (and growing) journeys a retailer can offer requires a pivot to customer, shifting the business model to put customer at the center of every business decision and process.

In this session attendees will learn:

  • How to assess the maturity of their current omnichannel operation;
  • Ways to improve operational efficiencies; and
  • Steps to driving net new revenue at the Point of Service based on real-world examples.

Attendees will walk away with insights on the positive revenue impact of a well-delivered and clearly understood omnichannel journey versus poorly executed journeys and their negative impact on customer satisfaction. The session also will reveal the long-term negative impact of creating non-sustainable integrations and business practices.



Antony Wildey

Oracle Retail


Debbie Hauss

Retail TouchPoints


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