Retailers, Are You (Socially) Listening? Your Customers Are Speaking

Connected Consumer Series April 5-9, 2021

Multi-location retailers are always seeking the perfect balance between centralized messaging control and localized, highly targeted content for each store or region. When communications are too tightly controlled, time-to-market is slow, and the messages themselves can get lost in a sea of sameness. When it’s too loose, consumers can get confused and the overall brand […]

Proven Omnichannel Service Strategies From Retail Experts

Shoppers are asking for different ways to get support. Tired with emails that never get answered or take weeks for a response, customers are looking for new ways to engage with companies —and they want it to be a personalized experience. The market is demanding more options for customer support, and ways to get answers […]

5 Social Advertising Trends for Retailers to Know in 2021: Featuring Under Armour

Connected Consumer Series April 5-9, 2021 surveyed hundreds of global retail brands to learn how they plan to approach their social advertising strategies in the year ahead. During this session, we’ll provide insights from the survey to help you plan and optimize social media advertising strategies in this dramatically changed landscape. Plus, Ayanna Colden from Under Armour will provide her […]