Unlock the Non-Purchaser to Achieve Brand Growth

Traditional customer loyalty is dead. As customers engage with new brands at a rapid pace, data has become the new strategy to answer the question: Who are these news brand engagers? One blind spot in the data is non-purchaser feedback. Why are customers engaging with our brand and shopping in-store but not making a purchase? […]

5 Ways to Unlock Location in Your Enterprise Data

The traditional playbook for retail growth is being rewritten. While this may feel overwhelming, it actually presents new and exciting opportunities for your business to evolve. You already have a wealth of insights sitting in your existing systems. You just need the right tools and processes to harness them effectively. But that’s also what makes […]

The New Rules of Loyalty: How to Design Data-Driven Experiences

What is the new secret to retail CX success? It’s a reasonable question, given how quickly consumer behaviors have evolved over the past two years. During this webinar, guest speaker Brendan Witcher, Forrester VP, Principal Analyst, will address the adaptations and evolutions that retailers have made over this time. He also will provide key insights […]