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Wednesday, September 18

12 PM ET / 9 AM PT

Location Intelligence- Retailers Leveraging The Science Of Where

Location Intelligence - Retailers Leveraging The Science Of Where​


To better understand how leading retailers are differentiating themselves from the pack with location intelligence, Retail Systems Research conducted a study on how retailers are using location data today and how they plan to extend their capabilities in this technology in the future.

The study identifies how winning retailers seek to connect with consumers, engage with them personally and build a winning mobile strategy that presents individual consumers with the right value messaging, at just the right time and at just the right location, inside or outside of the store.

Join this session to take a deeper dive into how retailers can:

  • Interact with consumers in new ways that will create lasting value for shoppers and lasting loyalty to the retailer’s brand.
  • Understand the implications associated with the use of geolocation data more thoroughly; and
  • Develop real use cases that will endorse the ramp-up costs associated with capturing and analyzing this data
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