Exploring Omnichannel Retail Maturity

Omnichannel retail started with the primary goal to deliver the product to the consumer in any way possible, no matter the cost. Retailers must provide increasingly seamless experiences in a way that significantly drives profitability across channels. To keep up with the changing market, retailers used duct tape or acquired bolt-on solutions atop legacy systems […]

Connecting to Your Ideal Customer: Laser-Focus on Convenience

Connected Consumer Series April 5-9, 2021

Prioritizing convenience, consistency and connection throughout the shopper journey should be the guiding principle of every retailer’s marketing strategy. But given resource limitations, you may feel overwhelmed by this mandate. The solution? Start by connecting with your ideal customers. In this fireside chat-style session, we’ll break down the elements of the customer journey, and highlight […]

Harnessing In-Store Shopper Data to Improve Experience and Engagement

Connected Consumer Series April 5-9, 2021

As the world emerges from the pandemic and stores continue to reopen, you are tasked with reconfiguring the in-store experience to meet changing consumer needs and behaviors. During this session, we’ll focus on five key customer experience challenges that can be optimized with more precise data analytics. You’ll learn how anonymous shopper analytics can help […]

Key Trends Defining the State and Future of Local Retail

Despite a labor shortage, unprecedented demand, and supply chain issues, the future is bright for brick and mortar retailers willing to invest in customer experience. In fact, according to Podium’s State of Local Business report, 60% of consumers cite “ease of doing business” as a top reason to return to stores. Join us as retail […]

How 1-800-Flowers Boosts Shopper Loyalty with Data & Analytics

Connected Consumer Series April 5-9, 2021

COVID-19 changed brand loyalty as we knew it. Disruptions to supply chains and household income drove shoppers to try new brands. According to McKinsey, three out of four American consumers have tried a new shopping behavior, and most intend to continue the new shopping behavior even after COVID-19 subsides. In today’s hyper-competitive and saturated market, […]

Omnichannel Strategies for the New Normal: Scaling Up to Exceed Customer Demands

Connected Consumer Series April 5-9, 2021

The retail industry is constantly changing, and COVID-19 has made an omnichannel strategy table stakes for nearly all businesses. Going forward, you will need to scale up services you introduced “on the fly” during the pandemic, making them efficient, profitable parts of the customer experience. During this session, we’ll explain how a great omnichannel strategy […]

The Future of CX: How to Create Frictionless Self-Service Experiences

The acceleration of ecommerce we’ve witnessed over the past two years has also accelerated the adoption of digital self-service — and it’s driving a CX revolution. Retailers now must adapt to a near future when digital self-service becomes the default choice for a growing number of shoppers. The question is: are you empowering them with […]

Augmented Reality: Like Real Reality, but Better (for Retailers)

Connected Consumer Series April 5-9, 2021

Ecommerce took a giant leap forward in 2020, and there is no going back. As retailers seek new ways to engage shoppers outside the confines of the physical store, augmented reality (AR) has quickly risen to the forefront. Effective use of AR can help shoppers get a look “under the hood” of items they’re interested […]

Closing the ‘Phygital’ Service Gap: How to Create Connected Customer Experiences

Retail Strategy & Planning Series 2021 September 13- 17

With online shopping at all-time highs, customer service teams are stretched thin and it’s impacting shoppers and employees alike. To relieve some of the pressure on digital teams, executives must determine how to refine their service strategies to create an integrated “phygital experience” that bridges the gap between physical and digital shopping. As consumer behaviors […]