Turn Every Customer Interaction into a Sales Opportunity

The lines between sales, marketing and support are blurring. Now, you have the power to turn every customer interaction into a sales opportunity. With the holiday shopping season fast approaching, it’s crucial to have the right technology to deliver experiences at scale, grow sales, and ensure customer satisfaction. This webinar will discuss how: Companies can […]

What’s the Point of Loyalty? How to Take Consumer Engagement and LTV to New Levels

Connected Consumer Series April 5-9, 2021

Loyalty is back! Rising ad costs and new tracking restrictions from Apple and Google are driving a big “re-think” about LTV and loyalty. But classic loyalty programs may be more nostalgic than effective — attracting value buyers and underperforming. During this session, Matt Roche, CEO of Extole, will share tactics that work and real examples […]

Why Effective Management of Visual Media is a Must for ECommerce

Connected Consumer Series April 5-9, 2021

Visual media has long been an important component in compelling ecommerce experiences, and its importance has only increased since the COVID-19 pandemic. Research has shown nearly 75% of mobile users would abandon a site after waiting just five seconds for it to load (SOASTA). “Heavy” photos and videos can drag down web performance resulting in […]

How 5G Powers Retail Innovation and Enhanced Customer Experiences

Retail Strategy & Planning Series 2021 September 13- 17

Real-time personalized messaging on mobile devices and digital signage. Wayfinding. Virtual reality. Real-time inventory visibility. Autonomous checkout. These are just a few innovations poised to drive the next era of brick-and-mortar experience. They’re all enhanced by the power of 5G technology. Although many retail teams have likely discussed 5G at a high level, tangible use […]

How to Equip Your Contact Center to Do More with Less

Savvy CX professionals already see the value in integrated, well-equipped contact centers: 91% say their center is a major driver of customer loyalty, according to a recent Talkdesk survey, which also noted that the ability to resolve customer service issues on first contact is the number-one driver of customer loyalty. Failure to do so can […]

Retail CX Trends 2021: New CX for a New World

Connected Consumer Series April 5-9, 2021

In 2020, retail and ecommerce companies faced exceptional challenges and reported major disruptions to the way they work. 84% implemented new tools or processes 44% managed remote staff 37% had to lay off employees Zendesk’s third annual Customer Experience Trends report gathered data from 90,000 companies and fused it with global survey findings from customers, […]

Insight. Action. Outcome. Put Away the Crystal Ball, Retail’s Future is Clear

Retail Strategy & Planning Series 2021 September 13- 17

Prior to the pandemic, the future of retail had been hypothesized, but not actualized completely. In 2020, the vision was crystalized and now, the picture is quite clear. Retailers prioritized their omnichannel experiences, adapting operations and processes to how customers lived, worked and played. Operational excellence drove success amidst chaos for many. So, how will […]

Want to Optimize Your Omnichannel Customer Experience? Track These 5 Metrics

Retail Strategy & Planning Series 2021 September 13- 17

Overwhelmed and inundated with digital tools and trend metrics? Having trouble finding clarity around omnichannel customer behaviors and experiences and uncovering clear ways to improve? Stop wasting your time with marketing analytics that won’t help you drive tangible value for your business. If you’re looking to drive staff efficiency, boost product quality and better personalize […]

Leveraging Customer Data to Craft Seamless, Differentiated Experiences In-Store and Online

Today’s retailers are no longer competing based on product quality alone: they’re competing on the experiences they provide to their customers. But providing the best experiences for customers on every channel is easier said than done — unless you’re harnessing the power of your experience data. Join us for a conversation on how retailers can […]