Marketing Agility: The Secret to a Frictionless Shopper Experience


Retailers’ success in 2023 will be determined by their ability to pivot quickly. Perhaps the only certainty this year is uncertainty — but according to Gartner, “Uncertainty carries as much opportunity as it does risk.” So as economic conditions continue to shift, shopper expectations evolve and regulations around third-party cookies change, retailers should seize the […]

Product Activation: What It Is, Why You Need It and How It Powers Omnichannel Success

If you want to maximize customer reach and overall revenue opportunities, you need to sell across every channel, especially during competitive times like the holiday season. But it’s not just about being present across social media, marketplaces and your own ecommerce experience — you need to also ensure that content and product information is compelling […]

Preparing for the Evolution of Omnichannel: How to Build a Unified Commerce Culture


Retail leaders know that when it comes to creating meaningful change, implementing cutting-edge technology is no longer enough. The entire organization, especially IT, Marketing and Operations, must align on a centralized mission, and all functions must follow specific actions that bring everyone closer to their goals, especially if the ultimate goal is to implement a […]

Location-Based Solutions: A Holiday Season Must-Have for Retailers

The holiday season is retail’s big moment to capture revenue, both in Q4 and beyond. That’s why creating great customer experiences — from curbside to in-store — is a must for retailers seeking to drive customer loyalty and repeat business.  By using location technology, retailers can enhance operations, deliver better CX and gain a competitive edge […]

3 Ways to Use Automation for Efficient, Economical and At-Scale Creation of Visual Assets

When it comes to attracting and engaging users online this holiday shopping season, visual experiences are everything. Vibrant, immersive experiences help brands drive conversions and build connections with customers. However, creating those visual assets can be a time-consuming task. Ecommerce retailers and brands are constantly looking to generate variations on visual assets for multiple channels […]

Tactics for Tackling Omnichannel Challenges: Dynamic Pricing, Returns and Beyond

Moving inventory efficiently has always been key for retailers, and with the shift to omnichannel in recent years, changes in customer shopping patterns and supply chain woes, inventory management is more important than ever. Join industry experts as they explore the impact of dynamic pricing on capitalizing physical stores’ profits, and how creating a seamless […]