Is Your Post-Purchase Process Enough in 2022?

The most emotional part of the customer journey – the one after you click “buy,” offers vital opportunities for enhancing customer loyalty, paving the way for those all-important repeat purchases. This session will inspire you to challenge standard post-purchase approaches with trends, insights and opportunities from hot-off-the-press research featuring 200 top retailers. Key takeaways will […]

From Cash to Contactless: Delivering a Connected Retail Experience

Retail Strategy & Planning Series 2021 September 13- 17

With up to 96% of consumers saying they intend to continue using contactless payments post-pandemic, retailers need to be ready to support the shift to mobile and contactless payment in-store and instant one-click checkout online. Retailers’ ultimate goal will be to balance the experience customers expect while providing the convenience and innovation they need. During […]

Harnessing In-Store Shopper Data to Improve Experience and Engagement

Connected Consumer Series April 5-9, 2021

As the world emerges from the pandemic and stores continue to reopen, you are tasked with reconfiguring the in-store experience to meet changing consumer needs and behaviors. During this session, we’ll focus on five key customer experience challenges that can be optimized with more precise data analytics. You’ll learn how anonymous shopper analytics can help […]

Removing Barriers to Global Commerce Growth: 3 Must-Knows for Successful Cross-Border Expansion

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Global cross-border commerce expansion offers tremendous opportunities for growth. However, it also presents a myriad of challenges, from diverse consumer behaviors to complex compliance regulations. To successfully expand your commerce operations cross-borders, merchants must first consider both the risks and rewards. Join commerce experts from Adobe Commerce and Vertex, as they explore the cross-border landscape […]

Navigate the Future of Retail with AI-Powered Commerce

Technologies like AI, VR (virtual reality) and social commerce are beginning to reshape consumer behaviors and expectations, particularly in the digital commerce arena. This session will explore these technologies’ impact, and attendees will:

Turning Conversations into Conversions: Drive More Revenue and Boost Efficiency with AI-Powered Chatbots


Now that ChatGPT has entered the conversation, retailers are thinking about how AI-powered technology can support their own operations to boost efficiency and provide better customer experiences. AI gives businesses deeper insights on their customers, which supports more personalized conversations and ultimately drives revenue and brand loyalty. Join this webinar to learn how AI-powered chatbots […]

Product Activation: What It Is, Why You Need It and How It Powers Omnichannel Success

If you want to maximize customer reach and overall revenue opportunities, you need to sell across every channel, especially during competitive times like the holiday season. But it’s not just about being present across social media, marketplaces and your own ecommerce experience — you need to also ensure that content and product information is compelling […]

Key Trends Defining the State and Future of Local Retail

Despite a labor shortage, unprecedented demand, and supply chain issues, the future is bright for brick and mortar retailers willing to invest in customer experience. In fact, according to Podium’s State of Local Business report, 60% of consumers cite “ease of doing business” as a top reason to return to stores. Join us as retail […]

Agile CRM: How to Adapt to Changing Consumer Preferences and Win Customer Loyalty

Retail Strategy & Planning Series 2021 September 13- 17

It’s common retail wisdom that acquiring new customers costs exponentially more than keeping the ones you have. Now more than ever, your current customers are your most valuable asset, and they shouldn’t be an afterthought. Nurturing established relationships is critical, especially as vocal consumers increasingly turn to social media to share their experiences (both good […]

Retailers, Are You (Socially) Listening? Your Customers Are Speaking

Connected Consumer Series April 5-9, 2021

Multi-location retailers are always seeking the perfect balance between centralized messaging control and localized, highly targeted content for each store or region. When communications are too tightly controlled, time-to-market is slow, and the messages themselves can get lost in a sea of sameness. When it’s too loose, consumers can get confused and the overall brand […]